Slow And Steady


The future is bright for slow fashion as it encourages both retailers and consumers to make a more conscious and ethical approach to reverse environmental impacts due to excessive consumption.

We love updating our wardrobe with the season’s trendiest clothes as much as the next person, however, when our insatiable appetite for newness are negatively impacting the environment in a huge way— we need to identify the root of the root of the problem and working together towards making more ethical and conscious fashion choices to reverse fashion’s impact on the planet.

The problem with fashion today is that society beckons us to consume at a faster rate than ever before. Thanks to mass production, smartphones, digital media and high-speed internet, we live in a modern world whereby the world offers us an abundance of choice and convenience— anything you want at the touch of a button. As a result, products are designed with a shorter life expectancy and for the most part, of poorer quality. In that regard, the fast fashion industry is one of the worst of its kind, with uncontrollable mass production on a scale that is no longer sustainable.

However, the consumer’s mindset is slowly changing as more millennials are genuinely concerned with the state of the fashion industry, and are paying close attention to companies’ record and initiatives around sustainability. As the conversation continues to weave its way into the fabric of society, the fashion industry is seeing a growth in demand for ethical and sustainable fashion.

Fast forward to today, consumers are demanding for more transparency in regards to how their clothes were sourced and produced. In that aspect, the slow fashion movement promises to be the opposite of the fast fashion trend by offering sustainably produced clothing to eco-conscious consumers.

Ahead, we speak to fashion designer Shaleen Cheah as she shares her thoughts on the importance of slow fashion movement and how she is planning on making sustainable chic again:

1. Before we proceed, tell us about the latest website revamp?
We are currently living in the digital era, now more than ever, technology has transformed the way we live and how we share and consume information. In that regard, I believe that the website revamp was necessary in reestablishing the brand’s presence in the market. Since the brand’s inception back in 2015, the brand’s aesthetics has evolved whilst the brand’s approach for slow-fashion remains. The website will feature an E-Commerce platform whereby our customer’s can pre-order clothes from the comfort of their own home. What’s more, the website will serve as a platform where we can continue to share our stories and engage with customers all around the world.

2. Share with us the philosophy behind Shaleen Cheah the label.
We take pride in producing small runs of collection, acting against fast fashion. We are dedicated to creating high-quality garments that can stand the test of time. As a brand, we are on a journey towards sustainability and minimizing negative environmental impacts in our business model. Our aim is to shift the consumers attitude towards fashion and to embrace slow fashion.

3. As an advocate for slow fashion, why do you think it is important for the consumers to change the way they consume fashion?
The demand for sustainable and ethical fashion is on the rise. I believe that there are a growing number of consumers that are looking for an alternative to fast fashion. They are more likely to purchase a fashion item if they know who is producing the clothes, where the fabric comes from and how it’s made. This shift of mindset is crucial to ensure the survival of the fashion community, creatives, designers and artisans.

4. Do you think the world is ready to embrace slow fashion?
I think that the world is ready for slow-fashion. After all, they have nothing to lose. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to adopting this lifestyle. More consumers are looking to play the part in supporting slow and ethical fashion— which is great. Moreover, consumers are looking to invest in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that they will never get with fast fashion. As a brand, it is humbling to be part of the movement that is looking to change the fashion industry for the better.